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After a year working as a manager with one of the companies in Melaka, Stanley realized that his value is not only limited to one company, but he wants to build his self-worth, create and contribute more value to people.

For Stanley, insurance is the foundation of financial planning, and its functions are so good. However, there are so few people who know it, yet so many people who misunderstand it.

He sees it as an opportunity and a need to raise public awareness of insurance and financial planning. So, in 2009, he entered the insurance industry.

Besides, Stanley disagrees that insurance should become a tool for agents/consultants merely to make money. Because if that’s the case, it will defeat the purpose of insurance functions and values. For him, a financial consultant should focus on the client’s needs. Therefore, what consumes Stanley every day is the desire to raise the standards of being professional insurance and financial consultant.

In 2015, Stanley furthered his professional development as a certified Registered Financial Planner (RFP).

In August 2017, he started EVOL Consultancy together with his partner, Maxine Chan. He focuses on coaching professional insurance and financial consultants.

Stanley believes that focus on adding values to the client (Build Better We) and contribute values to society (Lead Better Lives) are the key to success, not only for a successful career but also for a successful life.