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“Getting Started with Financial Management”

50 minutes to help you understand the following key points:

 How does bank earn between our family members?

  ​How to have a stable passive income during retirement?

☆ Know more about compounding interest

☆​ Is it really to save 100k per year for 10 years to have   1 million?

☆ Do you know your net worth?

☆ What should I do if my child needs 500k for further   study?

☆  What does procrastination cost?

☆ How to reduce my insurance premium and increase   my protection?

☆  How to stop paying insurance with whole life   protection?

Just in 50 Minutes

  • Make it easy for you to find out your hidden cash flow and tailor made your personal financial blueprint!
  • Do you think it is worth to solve your doubt during these years in just 50 minute?
  • Find it out!