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Vice President for Research & Publication
Professional License Planner (Association)
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Serdang, Selangor
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Achievements, contributions and relevant up-dates in the financial planning industry.
1. Dean – Faculty of Human Ecology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (2021-2023)
2. Vice President- Asian Association for Consumer Interest & Marketing (AACIM) (2020-2022)
3. Board of Director – The International Academy of Financial Consumers (IAFICO) – (2020-2021)
4. Deputy Dean (Post Graduate Studies & Industry & Community Relations) – Faculty of Human Ecology,
Universiti Putra Malaysia (2018-2021)
5. Department Head – Department of Resource Management & Consumer Studies, Faculty of Human
Ecology, UPM (2012-2018)
6. Chairman – Nationwide Survey on Unit Trust Scheme and Private Retirement Scheme – Federation
Investment Managers of Malaysia
7. Country President for Scholars Academic & Scientific Society (SAS Society)
8. Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agicultural University, Indonesia
9. Columnist at KOSMO Newspaper – Personal Finance Section
10. Exco Member – Malaysian Consumer and Family Economics Association (MACFEA)
11. Fellow Member – Scholars Academic & Scientific Society
12. Member of International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE)
13. Associate Editor – International Journal of Applied Economics, Finance & Accounting (IJAEFA)
14. Editorial Board – International Journal of Management (IJM)
15. Editorial Board – Journal of Economics & Business Studies (JEBS)
16. Editorial Board Member – Malaysian Journal of Consumser and Family Economics (MACFEA)
17. Editorial Board Member – International Journal Series in Multidisplinary Reserach (IJSMR)
18. Editorial Board Member – International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Review (IJHSSR)
19. Editorial Board Member – Asian Women (Research Institute of Asian Women)
20. Editorial Board Member – Asian Journal of Management Sciences & Education (AJMSE)
21. Editorial Board Member – Journal of Business and Economic Policy (JBEP)
22. Editorial Board Member – Jurnal Ilmu Keluarga & Konsumen (Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences)
23. Subject Matter Expert (Economic Well-Being) – Malaysian Youth Index 2015, Ministry of Youth & Sports
24. Public Consultant – Children & Youth Finance International (CYFI) Landscape Series on Research
Evidence- Model of Economic Citizenship for Children and Youth
25. Steering Committee – Citi-UPM Financial Empowerment Program for Mature Women
26. Consultant – My Finance Coach
27. Judge – National Allianz Finance Challenge 2016
28. SAS International Best Research Award 2019 in Economics and Management – Scholars Academic and
Scientific Society
29. Gold Medal: Smart Money Kit – Asia Innovation Show 2018
30. Gold Medal: Smart Women Invest Now (SWIN) – Pameran Rekacipta, Penyelidikan dan Inovasi, UPM,
31. Gold Medal & Special Award: Smart Money Kit: Bright Kids Smart Money – 2016 International Invention
Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2016)
32. WIPO MEDAL for Creativity: Smart Money Kit – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 2015
33. Gold Winner (Copyright Category): Profesor Bijak Wang – Anugerah Harta Intelek Negara 2015
34. Invention for Children Order of Merit (Division 33)- 2014 World Inventor Award Festival, WIAF
35. Smart Money Kit: Bright Kids Smart Money – Korea Invention News (KINEW
36. Shariah, Registered Financial Planner (MFPC)
37. Certified Financial Planner (FPAM)