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P10 Holdings Sdn. Bhd
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I am a Principal Consultant with many years of field experience providing key advisory in areas spanning across Mortgage, Retirement, Education & Risks Management. As a Registered Financial Planner, my team is working very hard to create greater Financial Literacy for many Malaysians through our PFP (Personal Financial Planning) Methodology to improve their Personal Economy. Our works are consistently published in Magazine, Article & Journey contributing significantly to the financial planning industry.

We are also pioneering R&D (Research & Development) in “Insurance Technology & Financial Technology”.   Our Humanized Technology is Bridging the Gaps between Financial Planning experience with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology to provide the highest standard of quality advisory. Today, with AI, we are very happy to transfer the essence of financial planning knowledge to you easily because we strongly believe, when you are successful, we are successful too.

About AI: P10, The Perfect 10 is an Advanced TVM (Time, Value of Money) Fintech in Malaysia.  With 3-4 Simple Data Points, We can Now Accelerate Many Sophisticated & Complicated Calculations Just in 3 Seconds, Advancing & Integrating Them to be Commercially Useful & Financially Insightful in Many Financial Planning Applications.