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Great Eastern
National Council
Professional License Planner (Association)
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Mont' Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Detailed Information

Achievements, contributions and relevant up-dates in the financial planning
1. Writer for Personal Insurance & Business Insurance for NAMLIFA
2. AMTC Moderator for Malaysia Insurance Institute
3. Associate Trainer for Great Eastern
4. Lecturer for Malaysian Financial Planning Council – Financial Planning
5. Past President for Education Welfare & Research Foundation Malaysia
6. Past President of NAMLIFA
7. Past Chairman for Asia Pacific Financial Services Association (APFinSA)
8. NAMLIFA FLPC Board chairman
9. APFinSA, ICSB Chairman (2019 – 2021)
10. A regular speaker for Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia,
Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Vietnam.
11. Senior Group Sales Manager for 32 years
12. Celebrating 42 years in the insurance business
13. Qualified for the Million Dollar Producers Club in- 4 times
14. Qualified for Supremacy Award in – 18 times
15. Qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table USA in 2003 with 103 lives and
2004 with 68 lives and 2006
16. Million dollar agency for – 17 times
17. Promoted 10 Direct Group Sales Managers and 17 indirect Group Sales Manager