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We live in a world whereby access to wealth is limited, before we talk about getting rich, many people don’t have access to higher education, get necessary and timely medical treatment, unless they be burden by huge debts.

So many people don’t get to retire without financially dependent on charity of their families, communities, and government. This is irony as many people works or 30 – 35 years but still couldn’t retire comfortably.

Here are 7 tips how families and businesspeople can ensure their family be financially sustainable:

✔️ Fill up your retirement funding, how much do you really need from the day you retire until end of life

✔️ Allocate financial backup for premature death, leave some buffer for your family to sustain

✔️ Proper documents and financial resources for smooth estate administration & assets transition

✔️ Being sick is expensive, the idea is to share financial resources through crowd funding like takaful, you get early medical treatment and resources to cancel all your debts

✔️ If you need a loan, find the one which offer lowest rates, so you can save & spend more for your family

✔️ Paying tax is our responsibility, however ensure we used all the allowable relief and tax savings and have quality life

✔️ We belief in spreading kindness, pay zakat accordingly, sedekah some for your immediate relative in trouble, and waqaf for everlasting rewards hereafter

These 7 tips makes the world a better place, create a better civilization and narrowing wealth inequality.

It is crucial to do research, projection of resources required, finding gaps, and have options of product to close the gap.

Save your time and headache by outsource and leverage to a Licensed Financial Planner, you get clarities and unbiased opinion. Let’s have an exploratory discussion with me, to find whether it will be benefits and for you and find mutual agreement to be working together. Connect with me and drop a message. Cheers!