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Registered Financial Planner ( RFP), Shariah Registered Financial Planner ( Shariah .RFP)
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Selangor & Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
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  • Jo Wong graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration in Accounting from New Zealand.


  • She started her career as an auditor. She was good with figures, many of her friends who were professionals love to seek financial advice from her. She come across many of the well educated young professionals face many financial problems, and she noticed this is due to lack of financial literacy and financial knowledge among her peers. With that in mind, she joined the financial advisory industry in 2009, her objective is to assist more people to organize and plan their finances wisely, in order to meet their financial goal in life.


  • To provide better financial service, she pursue professional qualifications of Shariah Registered Financial Planner and Registered Financial Planner. and in fact, she was the BEST STUDENT for Shariah Registered Financial Planner for year 2015. Carry both professional qualifications, this would mean she can advise both Muslims and non Muslims.


  • She would like to share her philosophy: “I believe in analysing your needs before I recommend any solutions to you.”  That means, she will not just simply give you any products that you do not need.